Have you ever thought what Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Lord Kitchener, Howard Carter and Andrea Bocelli have in common? If you guessed right then you would know that they all visited Egypt and mixed business with pleasure! What has made Egypt such a fascinating destination for travelers of all nationalities through the ages? The country is a year-round destination where sights and sounds of past civilizations and present-daily hustle and bustle converge into a spell-binding experience.

Egypt is the perfect destination to merge your business with pleasure and immerse yourself in exotic flavors, fragrant aromas, and amazing sites – all while traveling in modern comfort. Whether you desire an intimate retreat or a sleek, modern venue Sakkara Tours fulfills your travel desires with the most sophisticated facilities available in Egypt.

Flexibility, creativity, organization and support are all part of Sakkara Tours professional planning towards successful journeys that appeal to the imagination and deliver memories to cherish for a lifetime.

© Copyright © 2019 Sakkara Group International (SGI) | All rights Reserved.

© Copyright © 2019 Sakkara Group International (SGI)
All rights Reserved.