Buses & Limousines

Backed by SGI & Sakkara Tours, Sakkara Limousine has offered outstanding driving services for over a decade. Our selected drivers guarantee our clients with smooth and safe transportation throughout the bustling streets of Egypt.

In addition to the quality and professionalism of our drivers, Sakkara Limousine is equipped with reliable and comfortable modern vehicles; the prestigious fleet is powered by Volvo and is used for private individual transportation, VIP tours and transfers to ensure the well-being and comfort of our clientele.

We believe in providing as much of the entire tour package as possible, making sure that we are in control of the quality and experience of our guests to maximize their satisfaction. In Egypt, we own one of the country's modern fleets of air-conditioned Mercedes buses and a private garage for parking and maintenance of our vehicles.

This dedicated fleet is safely equipped and ready at a moment's notice to cater to our tourism departments’ needs.

© Copyright © 2019 Sakkara Group International (SGI) | All rights Reserved.

© Copyright © 2019 Sakkara Group International (SGI)
All rights Reserved.